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Register for a NPS Account

Before starting the application, please prepare the following SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS according to the type of membership you apply, copies of each are required to be sent in with your application. We are unable to process applications without copies of these documents.

Minimum equipment requirement to be eligible for NPS membership includes the following:

2 Professional grade camera bodies, from the list below
- D5, D4 series, D850, D810, D800e, D800, D750, D610, D600, D500, Df

3 Professional grade lenses (Current Nikkor f/2.8 zooms, f/1.4 primes and Nikkor 200mm & larger super telephoto lenses)

All equipment to be registered with the NPS program must be purchased through an Authorised Australian reseller. Proof of purchase will be required.

Supporting Documents
Individual Membership - for freelance & studio photographers

  1. Photocopy of ABN Registration Certificate
  2. Business card or Company ID card
  3. Employment confirmation letter printed on a company letterhead (if applicable)
  4. Industry Membership (ie AIPP / ACMP) (if applicable)
  5. Advertising material, tear off sheets, website or CD portfolio
  6. Copies of proof of purchase and warranty cards

Please note that for individual members a photo of the member will be required for the membership card, we are unable to finalise membership if a photo has not been uploaded as part of the membership application.

Company Membership - for press, government & education facilities

  1. Business Card or Company ID card
  2. Authorisation letter printed on company letterhead 3. Copies of proof of purchase and warranty cards

Procedure of application

  1. Prepare for the supporting documents
  2. Complete the online application form
  3. Post the application form with supporting documents to:

    Nikon Australia Pty Ltd
    NPS Department
    Locked Bag 2055
    Lidcombe NSW 1825